Meeting September 2020


The next Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council meeting

will be held via video conference on Tuesday 8th September 2020

commencing at 7.30pm

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council, as detailed above.

1.    Apologies

2.    Declaration of interest.

3.    To approve and accept the minutes of the last Oughterside & Allerby parish council meeting held on Tuesday 14th July 2020, as a true record.

4.    Public participation/open session, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update.

5.    Police Matters

6.    Matters concerning District and County Councillors.

7.    Applications for Development.

8.    Local Government Reorganisation in Cumbria, various documents already circulated to councillors.

9.    Clerk’s salary appraisal.

10. Parish grass cutting contract for 2021, new contractor quote.

11. INSIDE printed and distributed, feedback.

12. Confirm parish Finance Code.

13. Confirm parish Standing orders.

14. Tree pruning in play area opposite Oughterside school.

15. Progress report, clerk

16. Oughterside councillors’ reports

17. Correspondence

18. Payments for approval

Date and time of the next meeting Tuesday 8th September 2020 7.30pm.


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Oughterside & Allerby Parish Council 13th Oct’ 2020

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. Current government legislation permits parish council meetings to be held by video conferencing until appropriate public gatherings are once again allowed. If a member of the public wishes to view and participate at this meeting, then please CONTACT THE CLERK BY EMAIL AT LEAST 4 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MEETING TIME FOR DETAILS OF PROCEDURE AND MEETING LINK AND PASSWORD. Thank you for your understanding under current circumstances.



The minutes of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council Meeting

held by video conference call, Zoom platform, on Tuesday 8th September 2020

commencing at 7.30pm.


Video link Meeting opened: – The chairman declared the meeting open at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs.  Mrs L Preston-Miller(chair), A Morris, J Cowan, Mrs D Volkaerts,                Mrs P Lukeman.

Allerdale Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: None present

Clerk: Mike Milner

Members of the public: Two

653.00 Apologises for absence:  Cllr Tony Markley (ABC)

654.00 Declaration of interests: None.

655.00 To read and approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 14th July 2020.

655.01. Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record. Clerk to sign as virtual meeting.

656.00 Public Participation Session. 15 minutes allowed. Clerk advised: –

656.01 With ref to minute 641.01/02 about allocation of properties in local housing stock, clerk read a letter from Allerdale who advised that Cumbria Choice a partnership of 6 District Councils in Cumbria and 7 Registered Housing providers oversee housing not Allerdale. It outlined the procedures that were followed and if needs be if no local person was bidding for a property then it could be allocated to individuals from outside the area.

656.02 Concerns were still raised but as clerk pointed out it was not a parish council problem; he had been asked to establish the procedures and had done so.

656.03 minute 641.03 concerned a damaged road name plate, which on inspection was just covered in adhesive tape, which was removed and plate as good as new.

656.04 Public requested could dog fouling be mentioned again in the next issue of the newsletter.

656.05 a member of the public asked if was appropriate for him to repaint the letters on the village entrance sign? Clerk advised that a sign post and fingers attached had been repainted in such a method, therefore if the gentleman wished to repaint the lettering in black paint then his volunteering to carry out the task would be very welcome.

657.00 Police Matters.

657.01 Police website still not being maintained, police were issuing electronic newsletters.

658.00 Matters concerning District and County Councillors. None present.

659.00 Applications for Development. No application received.

Page 161 (1 of 3) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………… 13th Oct’ 2020

660.00 Local Government Reorganisation in Cumbria.

660.01 Clerk temporarily left the meeting with broadband issues, however meeting continued and chair advised on his return that O&A wished to retain its individuality in any single unitary local government system. Concerns about devolved powers, the situation would become much clearer in time if the system was to be adopted.

661.00 Clerk’s salary appraisal.

661.01 had returned to the meeting in time to deny Cllr A M’s statement about his willingness to take a 20% reduction due to Covid 19 conditions. Clerk explained that he was currently on SCP23 from April 2019, but requested to be moved up one grade to SCP24 in line with his contract conditions. However, as the new minimum wage had come into force NALC had agreed a new realignment so SCP24 was now SCP15. The pay rate at March 2020 was £11.91 but with the grade realignment that was increased at April 2020 to £12.24/hr, which was what the clerk was seeking. Chair proposed that increased was paid and councillors unanimously resolved the increase.

662.00 Parish grass cutting contract for 2021, new contractors quote.

662.01 Clerk had had to get quotes for two other parish council contracts so he asked the contractor to quote for O&A’s contract. He had supplied the identical specification to that used by the current contractor. The quote received was £350 per cut, 6 cuts per season.

662.02 Clerk advised that current costs was £364.50 per cut. That confirmed that what parish were paying was in the right area. Cllr A M made the point that current contractor was a multinational concern with all the necessary equipment to tackle the area with plenty of back up and had done other grounds maintenance work for the parish and he felt that for the sake of £14.50 per month council should not change.

662.03 after a brief discussion it was unanimously decided to remain with the existing contractor.

663.00 INSIDE printed and distributed, feedback

663.01 The INSIDE had been printed and distributed and it appears to have been well received and informative. Cllr J C advised his only feedback was he had not received a copy, but accepted he is in a somewhat hidden location.

664.00 Reaffirm parish Finance Code.

664.01 prior to the meeting clerk had distributed a copy of the existing Finance Code for councillor’s perusal. He confirmed there were no alterations what he was doing was a good parish housekeeping exercising confirming that the council had considered the content and relevance of the Finance Code to the parish’s running.

664.02 Councillors resolved unanimously to reaffirm the Finance code.

665.00 Reaffirm parish Standing Orders.

665.01 Clerk explained the exact procedure as minute 664.01, parish housekeeping.

665.02 Councillors resolved unanimously to reaffirm the Standing Orders.

Page 162 (2 of 3) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………… 13th Oct’ 2020

666.00 Tree pruning in play area opposite Oughterside School.

666.01 this was a follow up to a discussion earlier in the year about the trees stopping the growth of a memorial tree, minute 630.00 June refers.

666.02 Councillors agreed that clerk should contact Tivoli, provide them with Cllr A M’s phone and email to arrange a site meeting to discuss the work required and then Tivoli submit a quote to the clerk.

667.00 Progress reports, clerk

667.01 Street lighting minute 646.01, clerk has again written to Calc about the situation and circulated to councillors.

667.02 Clerk confirmed defibrillator bought and installed at Allerby. Cheque received and banked as agreed from Allerby resident’s association.

667.03 Clerk had received pictures of recent flooding in Well Rd and Pit Lonning. As Highways had recently completed remedial work in the area clerk had forwarded to the relevant Highways engineer involved.

667.04 Clerk could report that at the point where there is erosion on River Ellen bank, both the carriageway and crash barrier have large white arrow markings, no other activity.

668.00 Councillors Reports.

668.01 Cllr A M enquired about an additional bench along the road by the River Ellen.

668.02 Agreed that Cllr A M to photograph possible locations and that it would be a project for installation next spring. Concerns about grass growing in front of the seats in that area, but clerk advised he could bring his battery strimmer to clear area if needs be, Tivoli would charge excess for the visit and clerk could do it whilst attending to noticeboards.

668.03 Request for dog mess bins either end of the old pit road by River Ellen. Clerk to request

669.00 Correspondence.

669.01 All relevant communications circulated electronically to Cllrs where appropriate.

669.02 Invoice from Printpoint £96.00 to cover cost of July INSIDE print.

669.03 2 invoices from Tivoli, August and September contract, both £437.28p inc VAT.

669.04 Clerk read a letter from Aspatria & District First Responders, advising they are disbanding but would like to provide a free defibrillator to Oughterside. Clerk to email First Responders and advise a defibrillator at Prospect Village Hall would be welcomed.

669.05 Report of fly tipping along Old Coal Road, Allerby, direction of Allonby.

670.00 Payments for approval.

IntPay 117 M Milner, Total £340.78, Salary£284.92 (2 months) Exp £55.86

IntPay 118 HMRC PAYE, £71.20

IntPay 119 Tivoli £437.28 August Grounds Maintenance

IntPay 120 Tivoli £437.28 September Grounds Maintenance

IntPay 121 Printpoint £96.00

All Payments approved

Meeting closed 8.11pm.

671.00 Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 13th October 2020 at 7.30pm

Page 163 (3 of 3) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………… 13th Oct’ 2020

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