Meeting October Agenda





Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council, as detailed above.

1.    Apologies

2.    Declaration of interest.

3.    To approve and accept the minutes of the last Oughterside & Allerby parish council meeting held on Tuesday 14th September 2021, as a true record.

4.    Public participation/open session, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update.

5.    Police Matters

6.    Matters concerning District and County Councillors.

7.    Applications for Development.

8.    Receive and approve the audited half yearly parish accounts 2021/22. All documents circulated before the meeting.

9.    Updates on Pond Green play area refurbishment and tree felling and pruning.

10. Update on parish wild flowering projects.

11. Parish councillor vacancies.

12. Consider December INSIDE content.

13. Progress report, clerk

14. Oughterside councillors’ reports

15. Correspondence

16. Payments for approval

17. Date and time of the next meeting Tuesday 9th November 2021 7.00pm at Prospect Village Hall.


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Oughterside & Allerby Parish Council 7th Oct’ 2021



The minutes of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council Meeting

held in Prospect Village Hall on Tuesday 12th October 2021.


Meeting Opened: The chairman declared the meeting open at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllrs Mrs L Preston-Miller (chair), J Cowan, R Salmon, Mrs D Volkaerts.                Mrs P Lukeman

Allerdale Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: None present.

Clerk: Mike Milner

Members of the public: 4

839.00 Apologises for absence: A Morris.

840.00 Declaration of interests: None.

841.00 To read and approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 14th September 2021.

841.01. Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record.

842.00 Public Participation Session. 15 minutes allowed.

842.01 Clerk updated on minute 826.03, trees in Oughterside playing field opposite the school had been pruned as discussed at last meeting. Members of public acknowledged excellent job had been done by Tivoli.

842.02 members of the public then brought up three topics, firstly signage for the village hall as a location for the defibrillator, after a discussion about whose responsibility it was to highlight the location of a defibrillator and the accuracy of postcodes for the said defibrillator, it was agreed that the supply and installation of the machines was now a business, and perhaps an approach to British Heart Foundation for a nationwide campaign would be appropriate.

842.03 Two other topics were the flashing speed warning sign at Aspatria and car parking on A596. Clerk advised councillors and members of the public parking issues were not a parish council matter, the SID’s (Speed Indicator Signs) were something he had pursued on numerous occasions and Highways and CRASH committee were adamant that they were inappropriate on A596 through Prospect, even when the parish council had offered to finance the purchase and installation.

842.04 Member of the public complained about the state of the pavement from Osborne Place down to Oughterside school. Clerk to contact Allerdale Street Clean for the services of the road/pavement cleaner.

842.05 A suggestion that for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations the parish should organise a community photograph taken by a professional drone photographer at a suitable parish location. Promote in the December INSIDE.

843.00 Police Matters.

843.01 clerk had circulated the police e-newsletter, noted no Maryport specific edition.

Page 205 (1 of 4) chairman………………………………………………………………9th November 2021

844.00 Matters concerning District and County Councillors. None present

845.00 Applications for development.

845.01 Clerk had circulated the development App HOU/2021/0221, 1 The Green, Allerby complete with the plans and councillors agreed unanimously that there was no objection to the development. Clerk to advise Allerdale accordingly

845.02 Clerk had received that afternoon confirmation that OUT/2021/0022 land adjacent to Hill Top, Oughterside, the application has been approved with various conditions.

846.00 Receive and approve the audited half yearly parish accounts 2021/22.

846.01 Prior to the meeting the clerk had circulated the various ledgers and the bank reconciliation. He presented each councillor with a further copy of the bank rec’ which had been signed by the auditor confirming the accuracy of the accounts. No questions raised and councillors unanimously approved their acceptance.

847.00 Updates on Pond Green play area refurbishment and tree felling and pruning.

847.01 Clerk asked Cllr R S if clerk could firstly update on his actions to provide some costing guidance. With regard the tree felling and pruning, Tivoli had started the exercise, the tree closest to the road was suffering from Ash Die Back and would be reduced to a stump, others would be pruned to remove their growth over play area swings. Work to be completed by end of week.

847.02 Clerk advised that bark for use in play area safety pits has to confirm to BS 4790 which ensures ignition resistance, also BS EN 1777 (1998) which meant the trees being felled could not be chipped and used in the play area, it is usually a material called Pine Play Nuggets. They are available in 850kg dumpy bags which hold a cubic metre and cost approx. £122 per bag and clerk had worked out that for the climbing area play equipment at Pond Green it would require 4 bags ie £488.

847.03 Councillors agreed that any equipment that Cllr R S was proposing would be additional to existing equipment and requested clerk to seek quotations for a refurbishment, but Cllr R S advised he had pressure washed the equipment, treated the timber with preservative as requested in RoSPA report and oiled and greased the current equipment as appropriate. Clerk to investigate alternative safety flooring options in his quotation exercise.

847.04 Cllr R S then advised councillors that he had been in touch with Allerdale BC and was exploring funding through them. He hoped that he could update more fully at November meeting, but in talking to local children who used the current equipment, a roundabout was a popular choice of an additional piece of equipment.

848.00 Parish wild flowering update.

848.01 Cllr J C advised that the pressure to spend the £1300 allocated to the parish project had been reduced as the time limit has been extended to autumn 2022. The immediate issue is to provide maps and confirmation that the areas proposed for the project have the land owners to be used. Clerk will provide the maps after consultation with Cllr J C and the landownership issue is not a problem as all areas proposed are owned by parish council.

Page 206 (2 of 4) chairman………………………………………………………………9th November 2021

848.02 Cllr J C is hoping to arrange a meeting in the parish with Tanya St Pierre, who is the Cumbria C C leader of the project, to discuss the chosen sites. Under the current arrangement the parish council will no longer have to provide quotations for the purchase of seeds just make the purchase and submit the invoice to the team.

849.00 Parish Councillor vacancies.

849.01 clerk again reminded the councillors that there are 2 vacancies on the parish council and that they should be filled. Promote in next INSIDE.

850.00 Consider December INSIDE content.

850.01 One item to be included would be promotion of Prospect Village Hall Christmas Fair and as that was 4th December, INSIDE to go to printer mid-November at latest. Other content, Wild Flower project, explain Ash Die Back disease reason for one tree being felled at Pond Green. Item on vandalism, noticeboard and stripped tree bark. RoSPA play area reports and play area actions. Obviously, councillor vacancies and the Meadow Bank leak and the possible community photograph.

851.00 Progress reports, clerk

851.01 clerk had photographed images of the reoccurring leak at the end of Meadow Bank and contacted Highways about the ongoing issue, he had copied the email to the local MP. A member of the Highways management team had emailed back to confirm that the gulleys had been checked and were all flowing freely. The next step was to carry out a camera inspection plus use water with a dye to see if that appeared at the source of the leak. Ongoing.

851.02 Clerk is still pursuing the SLOW and Narrow Road signage towards Ellenhall Bridge.

851.03 Clerk has contacted Playdale who supplied the equipment in the Oughterside playing field, providing them with a copy of pages 12-14 of the RoSPA report and asking for guidance/quotation for repairs.

851.04 Contacted the Allerby Play area group about the state of the picnic table in the area, he had received confirmation it would receive its annual treatment, just the usual maintenance person not able to do it this year.

851.05 Clerk will tackle all ongoing RoSPA recommendations after councillors have discussed agenda item 9, Pond Green.

852.00 Councillors Reports.

852.01 No councillors reports but Cllr R S queried progress on possible use of Community Pay Back volunteers to undertake parish tasks. Clerk confirmed it was on his to do list.

853.00 Correspondence.

853.01 Great North Air Ambulance had made its annual request for a donation to their running costs. Clerk advised that it had been normal in previous years to provide a £200 donation, however last year O&A had allocated £500 due to lack of the charity’s ability to meet the public face to face, because of covid. Cllrs approved a £500 donation this year would be appropriate for the same reason as last year, but it was not to set a precedent for future years if council reserves were depleted.

Chair Cllr L P-M left meeting at 8.07pm Cllr J C took over as chair.

Page 207 (3 of 4) chairman………………………………………………………………9th November 2021

853.02 Clerk had received an email from resident about social media content. Clerk had read his response pointing out no a parish council social media page and he had no control over contributors or their submitted contributions.

853.03 Clerk had circulated Geological Disposal Facility emails.

853.04 Calc AGM details circulated for 16th October.

853.05 Clerk had been forwarded a social media clip about heritage post signs and the state of them, the one in Allerby in particular. Clerk had provided a copy of August 2018 INSIDE which had on its front page that heritage signpost duly just repainted. Cllr P L said she would look at the post and if it needed a mop and bucket she would deal with it.

853.06 Invoice received from S Morgan, auditor, covering end of year audit fee and recent half yearly fee, £60 total.

853.07 Copy of paint and applicator invoice from Cllr R S for refurbishment to timber items at Pond Green, £36.99.

853.08 All other various emails received, circulated as appropriate.

854.00 Payments for approval.

IntPay 169 M Milner, Total £220.62, Salary£176.52. Exp £44.10.

IntPay 170 HMRC PAYE, £44.00

IntPay 171 Cllr Ron Salmon, £36.99, paint and applicator for Pond Green play area.

IntPay 172 Simone Morgan, £60.00 audit fee for year end 2020/21 and half year 2021/22

IntPay 173 Great North Air Ambulance £500, annual donation.

All Payments approved

Meeting closed 8.15 pm.

855.00 Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 7.00pm at Prospect village hall.

Page 208 (4 of 4) chairman………………………………………………………………9th November 2021