Meeting May Agenda


The Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council Annual General Meeting

will be held via video conference on Tuesday 4th May 2021

commencing at 6.30pm immediately followed by the

May 2021 Parish Council meeting.

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council, as detailed above.

1.    Apologies

2.    To appoint a chairman and vice chairman for the coming year.

3.    Declaration of interest.

4.    To approve and accept the minutes of the last Oughterside & Allerby parish council meeting held on Tuesday 13th April 2021, as a true record.

5.    Public participation/open session, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update.

6.    Matters concerning District and County Councillors.

7.    Applications for Development.

8.    Receive and approve the parish accounts for the financial year 2020/21. Internal auditors report, Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement for the year all to be resolved. Bank reconciliation and variance report. Draft documents distributed electronically before meeting date.

9.    Parish Insurance renewal, Zurich Insurance.

10. Allerby Village Green, play area drainage.

11. Progress report, clerk

12. Oughterside councillors’ reports

13. Correspondence

14. Payments for approval

15. Date and time of the next meeting Tuesday 8th June 2021 7.30pm at Prospect Village Hall, subject to Covid restrictions or Zoom if legislation dictates.


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Oughterside & Allerby Parish Council 27th April 2021

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. Current government legislation permits parish council meetings to be held by video conferencing until public gatherings are once again allowed. If a member of the public wishes to view and participate at this meeting, then please CONTACT THE CLERK BY EMAIL AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MEETING TIME FOR DETAILS OF PROCEDURE AND MEETING LINK AND PASSWORD. Thank you for your understanding under current circumstances.



The minutes of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council Annual General Meeting

held by video conference call, Zoom, on Tuesday 4th May 2021 commencing at 6.30pm immediately followed by the May 2021 Parish Council meeting.


Video link Meeting opened: – The acting chairman declared the meeting open at 6.30pm

Present: Cllrs. J Cowan (acting chair), Mrs D Volkaerts, A Morris, R Salmon, L Preston-Miller, who joined meeting at 6.47pm.

Allerdale Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: None present at start but Cllr T Markley joined the meeting for 5 minutes during the meeting.

Clerk: Mike Milner

Members of the public: one via video link.

Before meeting started clerk advised that due to the earlier start, he was aware that         Cllr L P-M was joining later and he requested that Cllr J C act as chair, because accounts docs would require signature and Cllr J C easily available during the day for signature.

773.00 In the absence of the chair Cllr L P-M and with Cllrs agreement Cllr J C acted as chair and opened the meeting at 6.30pm.

774.00 Apologises for absence:  Cllr P Lukeman

775.00 To appoint a chairman and vice chair for the coming year.

775.01 Clerk advised the councillors that in her absence Cllr L P-M had indicated her willingness to continue as chair. Cllr J C proposed Cllr L P.M as chair for the coming year and that was seconded by Cllr A M, resolved.

775.02 Cllr R S proposed Cllr J C as vice chair for the coming year and Cllr D V seconded, resolved.

776.00 Declaration of interests: None.

777.00 To read and approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 13th April 2021.

777.01. Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record.

778.00 Public Participation Session. 15 minutes allowed.

778.01 per minute 760.03 from previous meeting clerk had located numerous defibrillator signs, but Cllr R S to provide images of signs at Hayton, which would indicate the method of fixing to the Highways posts on the village entrance signs.

778.02 Member of public was concerned about the damage children were doing at the bike play area section of the Oughterside play park. The school had been asked to advise children to stop, but remedial repair necessary and clerk to contact Tivoli for repair quote.

779.00 Matters concerning District and County Councillors. 

None present to make representations.

Page 187 (1 of 4) chairman………………………………………………………………. 8th June 2021

780.00 Applications for development. None for discussion but clerk had circulated an application HOU/2021/0096, Fell View for double garage. Clerk had circulated details and no objections, Allerdale to be advised accordingly.

781.00 Receive and approve the parish accounts for the financial year 2020/21. Internal auditors report, Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement for the year all to be resolved. Bank reconciliation and variance report.

781.01 Certificate of Exemption, AGAR 2019/20 Part 2. This confirms that the parish has neither income nor expenditure exceeding £25k. Inspected by councillors and to be signed by clerk and acting chair, social distancing meeting to be arranged for wet signature.

781.02 clerk had circulated the signed Annual Internal Audit Report. Internal audit had taken place 19/10/20 and 27/04/21. All boxes correctly ticked, and no issues or recommendations raised.

781.03 Annual Governance Statement. Councillors had read the content of the 9 boxes on the form and at each statement to be ticked Yes box with Cllrs approval. Form then to be receive wet signature by chair and clerk, per 781.01.

781.04 Finally the accounting statement, which had been circulated was approved by councillors and again will be duly receive wet signature as 781.01 by RFO and chair.

781.05 Clerk confirmed that he would make the appropriate returns to the external government auditor, placing necessary document required for the appropriate periods on the parish council website pages. Display in noticeboard would be dictated by government legislation.

782.00 Parish council renewal, Zurich Insurance

782.01 Clerk apologised, this agenda item had been resolved at April meeting, no further action required.

783.00 Allerby Village Green, play area drainage.

783.01 just as this item was started Cllr L P-M joined the virtual meeting, advised that she was again elected as chair. She thanked the Cllrs for their continued support, but requested that Cllr J C should continue in the chair for the remainder of the meeting.

783.02 Cllr L P-M advised that she asked for this issue of drainage being raised as the play area in wet weather was becoming a bog. She had discussed with her husband and father-in-law about the history of the green. Both thought that drainage was installed years ago and was now probably blocked.

783.03 Cllr A M raised the issue of the Oughterside playing field opposite the school, which itself is a bog at the end nearest the school when it rains. If doing Allerby then it would be correct to tackle the same issue in Oughterside. Member of public contributed the information that the Oughterside land had been back filled by the old pit company to level it prior to it being handed to the village and if like land that she had bought from old pit, drainage if installed was small bore and not connected to any external discharge.

783.04 Cllr R S pointed out that Allerby Green was a refurbishment project and Oughterside would be an installation project. Cllrs agreed clerk should seek quotations for both areas and report back.

Page 188 (2 of 4) chairman………………………………………………………………… 8th June 2021


While that discussion had taken place Cllr Tony Markley had joined the meeting virtually and acting chair Cllr J C invited him to provide district and county reports.

784.00 Matters concerning District and County Councillors. 

784.01 Cllr T M advised that the Highways department have got the jet pack team in the area filling some of the pot holes. He advised that Highways were also taking delivery of new vehicles. The many thousands of stone had been ordered for the shore line reinforcing project by Allonby. It will be deposited on the road at Crosscanonby which will mean a road closure. Cllrs and member of the public present raised the issue of the state of the road from Allerby down to Allonby. It is in desperate state and vehicles are getting damaged tyres. Cllr T M to report to Highways, but he asked clerk to email him about the issue so he could forward that to Highways. Also report again on HIMS to Highways. Cllr T M also advised that there was an Environment Fund available to help the O&A verge problem. At the end of his contribution acting chair thanked for his attendance and asked if he wished to remain, offer declined.

785.00 Progress reports, clerk

785.01 Further to minute 765.00 and the state of the West Moor End bus shelter Cllrs L P-M and L P had done and excellent job of cleaning the bus shelter. Acting chair requested that the minutes note their sterling community spirit in resolving the issues raised, he had inspected before and after and was impressed.

785.02 Cllrs R S and J C had both attended the Community Planning and Engagement session organised by Calc.

785.03 Clerk advised that at Meadow Bank, minute 768.03 refers, after prolonged dry spell no leak visible, but also no sign of Highways activity as per MP’s request.

785.04 Name plates and boundary lines for villages is an ongoing project but clerk had contacted the Cumbria Lands Registry and Common Land department and been advised that a Scottish government site was a good source of information even for English boundaries.

785.05 From June unless there is a further Covid spike, parish councils would resume in physical format in Prospect Village Hall, with appropriate social distancing.

785.06 Clerk has spoken to and subsequently written to Michael Rooke about his continued tenure of Fleets Meadow for the next 12 months. He will pay the rent prior to June meeting.

785.07 further to minute 749.02 in March, all noticeboards now refurbished and also minute 760.02 the small notice by play area refurbished at an additional cost of £5.

786.00 Councillors Reports.

786.01 Cllr A M advised the Cllrs that the inside of Prospect Village Hall was to be redecorated. Clerk and Cllr A M to discuss funding and VAT.

786.02 Cllr R S advised that he hoped to have an enhancement project for the Pond Green play area for presentation to the next meeting after he had discussed the options with the play area fund raising group.

786.03 Same Cllr was aware that the bus shelter refurbishment had not yet been commenced by Miners Arms, he would contact the contractor.

786.04 At Pond Green, Cllr R S was aware of the damaged surface below the swing area, images had been circulated, but its replacement could be part of the equipment enhancement project. Cllrs wondered if bark chippings would be a short-term fix?

Page 189 (3 of 4) chairman…………………………………………………………………… 8th June 2021

786.05 Cllr R S also raised concerns about the Salterwath Beck footpath edging which is eroding away between Well Road and the Pit Lonning, he had had no success with Highways responding to his contact. Clerk to be sent images of the problem and he would contact his Highways engineer responsible for such matters.

786.06 Cllr J C enquired as to who did playground safety inspections? Cllr A M was convinced it was part of the Tivoli contract. Clerk to investigate and advise.

786.07 Cllr J C wanted to attend the climate change seminar being arranged by Calc at a cost of £15. Agreed by all good idea and Cllr J C to email Calc and copy in the clerk.

787.00 Correspondence.

787.01 The gentleman who volunteers to clean the bus shelter had emailed the clerk about the bus shelter in the direction of Maryport, complaining it was used as a public toilet by some members of the public. Requested the clerk too provide a public notice to display and also some disinfectant for cleaning. Clerk after consulting Cllrs by email had printed and laminated the requested signage and also dropped off a couple of bottles of disinfectant and that he had instructed the gentleman to request more disinfectant as and when necessary.

787.02 Clerk had received the invoice from Calc for the Community Planning and Engagement course, £30, plus the Tivoli grounds maintenance invoice £450.40 and invoice from Andy Fisher for noticeboard refurbishment, £325.00.

787.03 All other appropriate correspondence circulated electronically.

788.00 Payments for approval.

IntPay 145 M Milner, Total £228.64, Salary£181.16. Exp £47.48

IntPay 146 HMRC PAYE, £45.20

IntPay 147 Tivoli, £450.40, May ground maintenance invoice

IntPay 148 Andy Fisher £325.00 noticeboards refurbishment

IntPay 149 Calc, £30.00, 2 places on Community Planning & Engagement course.

All Payments approved

Meeting closed 7.24pm.

789.00 Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 8th June 2021 at 7.00pm. with the meeting taking place at Prospect village hall.

Page 190 (4 of 4) chairman…………………………………………………………………… 8th June 2021