Meeting June 2020


The next Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council meeting will be held via video conference on Tuesday 9th June 2020 commencing at 7.30pm.

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council, as detailed above.

  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of interest.
  3. To approve and accept the minutes of the last Oughterside & Allerby parish
    council meeting held on Tuesday 12th May 2020, as a true record.
  4. Public participation/open session, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update.
  5. Police Matters
  6. Matters concerning District and County Councillors.
  7. Applications for Development.
  8. Oughterside playing area trees should an arborist be used by parish council?
  9. Footway lighting in parish, are all necessary? Cost to be transferred to parish
    by Allerdale.
  10. INSIDE Magazine next issue.
  11. Progress report, clerk
  12. Oughterside councillors’ reports
  13. Correspondence
  14. Payments for approval
  15. Date and time of the next meeting Tuesday 14th July 2020 7.30pm.

Signed: Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Oughterside & Allerby Parish Council 3rd June 2020

Public Participation

Current government legislation permits parish council meetings to be held by video conferencing until public gatherings are once again allowed. If a member of the public wishes to view and participate at this meeting, then please CONTACT THE CLERK BY EMAIL AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MEETING TIME FOR DETAILS OF PROCEDURE AND MEETING LINK AND PASSWORD.

Thank you for your understanding under current circumstances.



The minutes of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council Meeting held by video conference call, Zoom platform, on Tuesday 9th June 2020 commencing at 7.30pm.

Video link Meeting opened: – The chairman declared the meeting open at 7.30pm


  • Cllrs. Mrs L Preston-Miller, A Morris, J Cowan, Mrs D Volkaerts.
  • Allerdale Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: None present
  • Clerk: Mike Milner
  • Members of the public: one J Lister who joined meeting 7.36pm and left 7.45pm

623.00 Apologises for absence:

Cllrs Mrs P Lukeman, Mrs L Wisher.

624.00 Declaration of interests:


625.00 To read and approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 12th May 2020.

625.01. Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record. Clerk to sign as virtual meeting.

626.00 Public Participation Session. 15 minutes allowed. Clerk advised:

626.01 No members of the public present and nothing to report from last meeting.

626.02 Chair asked about public participation, clerk confirmed agenda advised on how to contact clerk for meeting details, but clerk had contacted 3 regular attendees and provided the appropriate links. At that point Cllr J.L joined the meeting.

627.00 Police Matters.

627.01 Clerk advised that the Cumbria Police website at the Area Map option still came up with Error 404 code.

628.00 Matters concerning District and County Councillors.

628.01 Chair acknowledged no representatives present, but she invited Cllr J.L to perhaps provide a quick report. He advised that the Corvid 19 pandemic had completely decimated the budget for the year. Council reserves may not cover the overspend, but obviously additional government funding was expected to be provided due to the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic.

629.00 Applications for Development.

629.01 Clerk reported no applications for consideration.

630.00 Oughterside play area should an arborist be used by parish council?

630.01 Cllr A M advised he had been approached by relations of late Shane Reid who had a memorial tree planted in the corner of the Oughterside playing area opposite the school. The memorial tree was overshadowed by a much larger tree.

Page 155 (1 of 3) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………..…14th July 2020

630.01 The question for consideration was could the parish council pay for the original parish trees to be trimmed? First comment by all Cllrs was that it was the wrong time of the year for pruning trees. Thought that the location of the memorial tree was inappropriate due to the close proximity to existing trees, but due to the length of time since it had been planted it would not an easy task for the tree to be dug up and repositioned elsewhere.

630.02 Cllrs agreed that quotations would be sought from professional tree surgeons, but no action until late fall. Cllr A M to explore availability of local tree surgeons. Whilst considering the project those quoting to also attend to trimming the tree on the corner of the field currently sending branches out through the fence at that point. Cllr J L left meeting.

631.00 Footway lighting in parish, are all necessary? Cost to be transferred to parish.

631.01 Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting full details currently available of Allerdale’s proposals to transfer the cost of footway lighting, NOT street lighting, to all local parishes. Calc had sought legal opinion on the matter from Nalc and that had been circulated. At this stage clerk was asking the Cllrs if they could see any way of reducing the costs by doing away with any of the lights. The additional annual cost for the parish council would be in the region of £1600 per year on the parish precept.

631.02 Cllrs all agreed that residents would rather see more footway lights rather than less, so there was no desire to select lights for removal. Next INSIDE magazine to be used to explain the position. No action at this stage by O&A PC.

632.00 INSIDE magazine next issue.

632.01 Clerk had established normal printer was still functioning as a printer but had closed it stationery shop. Councillors felt there were 3 major items for the residents. Firstly, they ought to know how the parish council was currently operating under Zoom, secondly the residents ought to be made aware of the tremendous community contribution The Miners Arms had made during the pandemic and was continuing to do so. It was now a shop, serving a very wide area, a valuable community asset to be recognised and thirdly explain the Footway lighting situation.

632.02 Cllrs all agreed that the pub should be made the lead item, it had been a lifeline to many. Cllr J C who was under government instructions to self-isolate for 12 weeks had received a bag of essential goodies on a weekly basis from the pub shop, a much-appreciated service. Cllr A M to liaise with Diane at the pub and a suitable item with images would be produced.

632.03 Clerk to write Zoom and Footway lighting. Cllr A M did enquire about distribution, clerk advised leaflet and newsletter guidance had been circulated by Calc he would recirculate to councillors. Printed newsletters to be dropped at Cllr L P-M house and also with Cllr A M. Cllr J C normally did 110 letterboxes but due to strict self-isolation other councillors would have to share the load this time.
During the discussion chair lost video link, meeting still quorate so continued and Cllr A M acted as chair. As next agenda item announced, chair returned to the meeting.

633.00 Progress reports, clerk

633.01 clerk still not bought and fitted new benches plaques.

Page 156 (2 of 3) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………..…14th July 2020

633.02 Clerk had circulated an ENW email about proposed overhead cable works, at the Pond Green play area. Since the notification clerk advised by phone that the initial site visit to inspect the project would be 15th May. Work at the furthest end of play area from the road, so any restrictions around the work will be minimal.

633.03 Clerk advised that O&A are Data Protection registered to conform with legislation and that he had paid the annual £40 renewal for the coming year commencing 8th July 2020

633.04 All end of year accounts documents had received correct wet signature applied as required.

633.05 Clerk advised a recent Windows update had caused a display problem with the O&A website at the web host server. The website provider had rectified the problem in 24 hours. The error had been noticed by a Calc officer, checking website was compliant with legislation.
During clerk’s reports chair again lost link and did not return. Cllr A M acting chair.

634.00 Councillors Reports.

634.01 Cllr A M requested it be minuted that the landlord of the Miners Arms had cleaned out the bus shelter by the pub. No other reports due to Corvid 19 movement restrictions.

635.00 Correspondence.

635.01 Clerk advised that he had circulated the necessary emails from the numerous ones he had received. One that day was about guidance for the Prospect Hall management committee concerning risk assessment for reopening.

635.02 Invoice received from Tivoli for June grounds maintenance £437.28.

635.03 Annual hosting fee and web site repair £55 from AW IT Services.

636.00 Payments for approval.

  • IntPay 108 M Milner, Total £212.62, Salary£146.34 Exp £76.28
  • IntPay 109 HMRC PAYE, £36.40
  • IntPay 110 Tivoli £437.28 June Grounds Maintenance
  • IntPay 111 Andrew Ward AW IT Services £55.00 web repair and hosting.

All Payments approved.

Meeting closed 8.05pm, by acting chair Cllr A M.

637.00 Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 14th July 2020 at 7.30pm

Page 157 (3 of 3) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………..…14th July 2020