Meeting July Agenda



TUESDAY 12th JULY 2022 AT 7.00 PM IN


Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council, as detailed above.

1.    Apologies

2.    Declaration of interest.

3.    To approve and accept the minutes of the last Oughterside & Allerby parish council meeting held on Tuesday 14th June 2022, as a true record.

4.    Public participation/open session, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update.

5.    Police Matters

6.    Matters concerning District and County Councillors.

7.    Applications for Development.

8.   Receive first quarter’s accounts 1st April to 30th June 2022, documents circulated prior to the meeting.

9.    Pond Green Play Area funding total and discussion concerning circulation of official tender document. 

10. Wild flower project, verges and hay meadow area. Action this autumn.

11. Summer edition INSIDE content update, Kieron Sutton/clerk.

12. Progress report, clerk

13. Oughterside councillors’ reports

14. Correspondence

15. Payments for approval

16. Date and time of the next meeting Tuesday 13th September 2022 7.00pm at Prospect Village Hall.


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Oughterside & Allerby Parish Council 7th July 2022



The minutes of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council meeting

held on Tuesday 12th July 2022 commencing at 7.00pm.


Acting Chairman declared the meeting open at 7.00pm

Present: Cllrs. A Morris (acting chair), J Bell, A Warwick,

Allerdale Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: None present.

Clerk: Mike Milner, plus 3 members of the public present.

981.00 Apologises for absence: L Preston-Miller(chair), R Salmon, Mrs P Lukeman.         A Markley (ABC)

982.00 Declaration of interests: None.

983.00 To read and approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 14th June 2022.

983.01 Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record by those who were present at that meeting.

984.00 Public Participation Session. 15 minutes allowed.

984.01 Minute 966.01 clerk had contacted Highways about the gate entrance by Osborne Place. Acting chair A M reported that he was aware that the landowner had been contacted by Highways about the installation of a dropped kerb and its costs.

984.02 as per minute 966.03/04 clerk had continued to demand the traffic survey results that was undertaken by Highways in January 2022 at the parish council’s request. One of the members of public in attendance was Cllr J. Lister (CCC) and he emailed the lady responsible at that point and copied the clerk into the email, to attempt to expedite the survey’s release. Council advised that a member of public is to write to Mark Jenkinson MP.

984.03 At the last meeting, minute 966.06 refers, clerk had contacted Home Group and the Police and obviously the matter is not a parish council matter and both agencies are governed by confidentiality and Data Protection Laws. No further action.

985.00 Police matters.

985.01 clerk had circulated the police e-newsletter.

986.00 Matters concerning District and County Councillors. 

986.01 Cllr J L (CCC) present out of courtesy and nothing important to update on.

987.00 Applications for development. None for consideration.

988.00 Receive first quarter’s accounts 1st April 2022 to 30th June, documents circulated prior to the meeting.

988.01 Cllrs present had received accounts and raised no questions. Clerk produced a printed online HSBC bank statement which confirmed that the ledger balance on the bank rec’ corresponded to the ledger total. Cllrs resolved to accept the accounts and acting chair A M signed the bank statement.

Page 236 (1 of 3) chairman………………………………………………………….13th September 2022

989.00 Pond Green Play Area funding total and discussion concerning circulation of official tender document.

989.01 Acting chair A M advised that in the absence of Cllr R S and that as clerk confirmed the last grant application was only submitted on 30/6/2022, for £9k, no date known for a decision, the whole project should be deferred until the September meeting. Cllrs present indicated that two of them would not be available for an additional meeting in August, holiday commitments.

990.00 Wild flower project, verges and hay meadow area. Action this autumn.

990.01 Clerk to contact John Cowan about the project and actions required.

991.00 Summer edition INSIDE content update.

991.01 Clerk had discussed with Kieron Sutton the content. A member of the public requested that a promotion for a Lunch Club on 13th September be inserted. Acting chair to obtain material from Miners Arm for insertion. Meadows Fleet, locally known as Picnic Field was to mentioned as recreational facility. Clerk to liaise with K S.

992.00 Progress reports, clerk

992.01 clerk had continued to search old documents and had actually discovered the copy of the Land Registry document CU118381 dated 14th March 1996. The document does not refer to the land as Fleet Meadow, but defines its location by the map attached to the docs. The document details that with appropriate licence you can fish from the river bank, the title absolute is given to the Oughterside and Allergy Parish Council and in its Third Schedule, Restrictions and Stipulations, it clearly defines the purpose of the area as a picnic area for public amenity. There is also a clause about not leaving litter in the field.

992.02 further to minute 976.04 the clerk confirmed that following his VAT refund application submitted on 7th June, HMRC had reimbursed the parish council £2449.89 on 21st June.

992.03 Cllr R S further to 976.05 had received a response from the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria, the content of which had been circulated to Cllrs, but response far from satisfactory.

993.00 Councillors Reports.

993.01 Cllr J B raised the issue of weeds growing in the kerbside gutters, especially in East View, but felt it was a problem across Prospect and Oughterside. Clerk to photograph and report.

994.00 Correspondence.

994.01 Invoice received from Tivoli for July contract. £485.53.

994.02 Printpoint who print the INSIDE for the parish have advised price increase from £96 to £102 for the 300 quantity, 34p per copy.

994.03 Clerk had been made aware of an old timber post that was in the main Oughterside playing field by the metal railings, it has been there for decades. The concern was that it had bits of old fencing wire on it attached firmly by staples. Member of the public advised they would cut the post down, removing the danger. However, they requested that clerk look at the remaining old timber fencing from the metal fence down past the old BMX, the gate does not function and all posts are rotting. Clerk confirmed he would inspect and report back to the council.

Page 237 (2 of 3) chairman………………………………………………………….13th September 2022

994.04 Mark Jenkinson MP had written to clerk confirming latest update on Meadow Bank leak repair.

994.05 invoice from Prospect and Oughterside Village Hall committee, covering the charge for 3 months hall hire £72.00.

994.06 reminder received from Information Commissioner’s Office advising Data Protection registration due, £40.00. Clerk paid and reclaiming in expenses, renewed to July 2023.

995.00 Payments for approval.

IntPay 205 M Milner, Total £313.74, Salary£237.24, Exp £76.50.

IntPay 206 HMRC PAYE, £29.40

IntPay 207 Tivoli, £485.53, July grass cutting contract.

IntPay 208, Prospect Village Hall, £72.00, Hall hire 3 months.

July HSBC standing monthly bank account charge £5.00

All Payments approved.

Meeting closed 7.23pm.

996.00 Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 13th September 2022 at 7.00pm at Prospect village hall.


Page 238 (3 of 3) chairman………………………………………………………….13th September 2022