Meeting April Agenda


The next Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council meeting

will be held via video conference on Tuesday 13th April 2021

commencing at 7.30pm

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council, as detailed above.

1.    Apologies

2.    Declaration of interest.

3.    To approve and accept the minutes of the last Oughterside & Allerby parish council meeting held on Tuesday 9th March 2021, as a true record.

4.    Public participation/open session, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update.

5.    Police Matters

6.    Matters concerning District and County Councillors.

7.    Applications for Development.

8.    Environmental Meadow and Tree planting, response.

9.    Bus shelter refurbishment and West Moor End cleaning.

10. Consideration of Highways Traffic Survey circulated by clerk, A596 2017.

11. Inside magazine feedback

12. Progress report, clerk.

13. Oughterside & Allerby councillors reports

14. Correspondence.

15. Payments for approval.

Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 4th May 2021 6.30pm which will commence with Parish Council’s AGM and election of chair, plus acceptance of audited annual accounts for 2020/21 this date and time is to accommodate councillors and public attending using Zoom platform


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Oughterside & Allerby Parish Council 7th Apr’ 2021

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. Current government legislation permits parish council meetings to be held by video conferencing until appropriate public gatherings are once again allowed. If a member of the public wishes to view and participate at this meeting, then please CONTACT THE CLERK BY EMAIL AT LEAST 4 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MEETING TIME FOR DETAILS OF PROCEDURE AND MEETING LINK AND PASSWORD. Thank you for your understanding under current circumstances.



The minutes of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council Meeting

held by video conference call, Zoom platform, on Tuesday 13th April 2021

Meeting opened: – The acting chairman declared the parish meeting open at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs, J Cowan (acting chair), Mrs D Volkaerts, R Salmon, P Lukeman.

Allerdale Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: None present

Clerk: Mike Milner

757.00 Apologies, Cllrs Mrs L Preston-Miller(chair), A Morris.

758.00 Declaration of interests: None.

759.00 To read and approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 9th March 2021.

759.01. Clerk advised that the payment figure at 755.00 for village hall insurance had been revised down to £954.17 from £1002.74 and that amendments as per Cllr R S had been incorporated. Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record. Clerk to sign as virtual meeting.

760.00 Public Participation Session. 15 minutes allowed.

760.01 Clerk confirmed that minute 743.01, the possible purchase of SIDs by parish council and a donation from the former OPARA of £1000 towards the cost was covered by agenda item 10. That the minute 743.02 referring to a precis of relevant council business had been actioned in the Easter INSIDE magazine.

760.02 There were no members of the public present, but the two usual attendees had provided an email that afternoon, with points to raise. Firstly, some of the trees on Millennium Corner, by the school were in need of attention and a member of the public was dealing with it, but any volunteers would be appreciated. The email raised concerns of a sign on the playing field by the cycle track, the clerk to request more details.

760.03 Could there be sign to advise folk of the location of the new defibrillator? Clerk to investigate what other councils did about promoting a defibrillators whereabouts.

761.00 Police Matters.

761.01 Clerk had circulated the Cumbria Police e-newsletters.

762.00 Matters concerning District and County Councillors. 

None present to make representations.

763.00 Applications for development.

763.01 The council had been consulted about an extension at Broomhill Farm, Aspatria, HOU/2021/0074 and no councillors raised any issues with the proposal, therefore clerk advised Allerdale BC Planning Department, no objection.

764.00 Environmental Meadow and Tree planting, response.

764.01 Clerk confirmed that following the distribution of the Easter INSIDE magazine there had been suggestions from local residents.


Page 183 (1 of 4) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………… 4th May 2021

764.02 One suggestion was use of Fleet Meadow, know as Picnic Field, by the River Ellen as a location for the wild flower meadow. Clerk pointed out that historically the that field is let on an annual basis to a local resident to graze a small flock of sheep. Cllr J C added that access to that field was through a locked gateway to stop fly tipping down by the river. There was also a second gate closer to the river which was not in a state of good repair. After a discussion council agreed that the current annual rental should be continued and clerk to make the necessary annual arrangement and raise the appropriate contract.

764.03 Cllr J C, who had proposed the wild meadow and tree planting project initially, stated that he proposed to identify straight stretches of verges for councillors to consider at the next meeting, he would photograph and circulate the images. He also pointed out that as the verges were property of Cumbria County not the parish council, permission would be required before any action could be undertaken. Cllr J C also stressed the need for a proper cut and collect regime on the areas to be cultivated and that poor quality ground was ideal for such a project.

764.04 Clerk would provide Cllr J C with residents who had indicated an enthusiasm to be involved.

765.00 Bus shelter refurbishment and West Moor End bus shelter.

765.01 Cllr R S advised that the contractor would carry out the work in the next 2/3 weeks, on the bus shelter by The Miners Arms.

765.02 Clerk had visited and photographed the West Moor End bus shelter and circulated the images to Cllrs. After a discussion Cllr P L volunteered to look at the bus shelter and clean it up, if possible, also consider removing the noticeboard. It was decided not to paint the interior as the stone bus shelter at Prospect has the natural stone internal brick finish.

766.00 Consideration of Highway’s traffic survey circulated by clerk, A596 2017.

766.01 Cllr R S confirmed that he had studied in depth the Highways traffic survey material clerk had circulated. In his opinion from all the material the report contained he could not argue against the Highway’s conclusion that A596 was not a problem speed area and that permanent SID’s were therefore not appropriate. Other councillors agreed that the traffic survey content certainly justified the Highways decision. No further action to be taken at this time.

767.00 INSIDE magazine feedback.

767.01 Clerk had already circulated the feedback on the wildflower meadow project. The bus shelter refurbishment had prompted a resident to query the West Moor End bus shelter and minute 765.02 refers. No other feedback was reported.

767.02 Clerk thanked all Cllrs for their prompt distribution before Easter of the INSIDE and advised that Cllr R S had actually distributed 200 of the 300 copies, doing Cllr J C’s normal 105 copies as Cllr J C due to Covid was still self-isolating.

768.00 Progress reports, clerk

768.01 Clerk commenced by advising that due to street/villages name plates, village boundary investigations, ongoing, and traffic survey detail, he had completed 49hrs and 22 minutes of work in the past month, a record number and was not to be a regular occurrence.

Page 184 (2 of 4) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………… 4th May 2021

768.02 Calc the local council association for Cumbria councils are organising a training session on Community Planning and Engagement, which Cllr R S had expressed an interest in attending. Cllr J C will also attend on 19th April, cost £15 each, clerk to organise.

768.03 minute 751.02 refers, the leak at the end of Meadow Bank had been investigated again, following the intervention of the local MP Mark Jenkinson, and the MP had written to the clerk to confirm their recent exchange of emails and that Highways were investigating further, job No W2181038273 was the reference.

768.04 with reference to minute 751.04, clerk had spent much time investigating Village nameplates, road/street nameplate legislation and also trying to establish the criteria of how and/or where village boundaries are arrived at. He had advised Cllrs that a settlement boundary was an established term used by planning departments in councils’ local plans to define an area within possible property developments could occur, not a legal village or town boundary line. Once Covid restrictions are eased and Cumbria records office is again open for personal visits clerk will visit Whitehaven Cumbria Records Office to delve into their local history records concerning Oughterside and Prospect.

768.05 Covid legislation and the ongoing issue of hybrid meetings involving a combination of virtual and physical and a combination of them both together as per minute 751.05 has still not been decided by government.

769.00 Councillors Reports.

769.01 Cllr D V raised the issue of recent tree felling and hedgerow cutting that had taken place during a recent week-end on the hedgerow and trees situated on the boundary of the village playing field in Oughterside. She wanted to know what the rules were and should approval be sought before the action was undertaken? Clerk advised that to grub a hedgerow required approval from the local planning department, which would be Allerdale.

769.02 Law dictated that trimming/pruning should not be undertaken from March as it was bird nesting season. Photos were to be provided to the clerk, but if on private land then action would be difficult to pursue.

769.02 Cllr R S noted that the clerk was tackling sign posts and finger post legislation, but he thought perhaps when resolved the sign to Prospect via Oughterside could be painted out, but that was for future consideration.

769.03 Cllr R S had not yet received any response from the CRASH team that he had written to, or a reply to his letter to the Cumbria Highways CEO about the manner Highways carried out gulley maintenance. He also mentioned that he was hoping to arrange an outdoor meeting with the Pond Green play area fund raising group.

769.04 Cllr J C thought a new piece of play equipment at Pond Green would a justified addition to the play area to thank the children for their following of Covid legislation and not using the play area during the lockdowns.

770.00 Correspondence.

770.01 Clerk confirmed the initial precept payment of £5286.50 had been paid by Allerdale directly into the parish bank account.

770.02 Clerk had received a cheque for £34.87 from ENW for the Wayleave annual rental payment for their equipment on parish land. Clerk had banked the cheque and it was included in 2020/21 accounts.

Page 185 (3 of 4) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………… 4th May 2021

770.03 Clerk had received an email from a local resident about possible changes to the road junction on the A596 at the Allerby Road Ends junction by the bus stop. Resident had provided pictorial evidence of the current arrangement and a road junction in Workington, which would enable traffic entering the A596 more room to enter the main road before the give way markings. Clerk had thanked the resident, but pointed out the speed limit in Workington was 30mph, the Allerby junction was on a 60mph stretch of road and that Highways would not be keen on traffic encroaching a yard further than the existing give way marking.

770.04 Agenda item 9 had been part prompted by a lengthy phone call the clerk had received from a resident at West Moor End about the bus shelter not been initially on the parish refurbishment schedule. Minute 765.02 refers.

770.05 Resident had contacted clerk by email with photographic evidence about the state of a stile on public footpath 246008, and the fact that the pathway was physically blocked. Clerk had reported the issue to Cumbria Countryside Access team, who had acknowledged the report and would investigate.

770.06 Clerk had received the annual Zurich insurance premium invoice for the parish public and employer’s insurance for period of 12 months from 1st June 2021. £623.26p.

770.07 Clerk had also received the Calc annual membership subscription for the coming year which amounted to £177.62.

770.08 Invoice received from Tivoli, first grounds management invoice for 2021 season.

770.09 all other appropriate electronic correspondence had been circulated where appropriate.

771.00 Payments for approval.

IntPay 139 M Milner, Total £551.62, Salary£483.36. Exp £68.26

IntPay 140 HMRC PAYE, £120.80

IntPay 141 Tivoli, £450.40, April’s ground maintenance invoice

IntPay 142 Printpoint, £96.00, Easter INSIDE magazine printing

IntPay 143 Zurich Insurance, £623.26, Annual parish council insurance premium

IntPay 144 Calc, £177.62, annual Calc membership subscription.

All Payments approved

Meeting closed 8.41pm.

772.00 Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 4th May 2021 at 6.30pm.

Page 186 (4 of 4) Clerk signed pp chairman…………………………………………… 4th May 2021