Meeting Agenda


The Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council Annual General Meeting

will be held on Tuesday 10th May 2022, in Prospect Village Hall,

commencing at 7pm immediately followed by the

May 2022 Parish Council meeting.

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council, as detailed above.

1.    Apologies

2.    To appoint a chairman and vice chairman for the coming year.

3.    Declaration of interest.

4.    To approve and accept the minutes of the last Oughterside & Allerby parish council meeting held on Tuesday 8th April 2022, as a true record.

5.    Public participation/open session, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update.

6.    Matters concerning District and County Councillors.

7.    Applications for Development.

8.    Receive and approve the parish accounts for the financial year 2022/22. Internal auditors report, Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement for the year all to be resolved. Bank reconciliation and variance report. Draft documents distributed electronically before meeting date.

9.    Parish Insurance renewal, Zurich Insurance.

10. Pond Green Play Equipment funding update, grants received, outstanding applications awaiting decision. Confirmation of residents funding total and what outstanding events are being held. Agree to invite residents’ group to June parish council meeting to enable discussion of available funding figure and equipment possible to instal.

11. Fleet Meadow, picnic field rental update.  

12. River Ellen bank erosion.

13. Progress reports, clerk.

14. Oughterside & Allerby councillors reports.

15. Correspondence.

16. Payments for approval.

17. Date and time of the next meeting Tuesday 14th June 2022, 7.00pm at Prospect Village Hall.


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Oughterside & Allerby Parish Council 4th May 2022



The minutes of Oughterside and Allerby Parish Council Annual General Meeting

held on Tuesday 10th May 2022 commencing at 7.00pm immediately followed by the May 2022 Parish Council meeting.


Chairman declared the meeting open at 7.00pm

Present: Cllrs. L Preston-Miller(chair), A Morris, R Salmon, J Bell, A Warwick.

Allerdale Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: Cllr T Markley joined the meeting later.

Clerk: Mike Milner, 4 members of the public present.

Prior to the meeting commencing, a member of the public asked a general question about whether planning permission was required to make a gated entrance on to a highway?     Cllr J L (CCC) was in the hall and advised answer was yes, he was off to Blindbothel meeting but would take up the issue with Highways and look at gateway on his way to that meeting.

944.00 Apologises for absence: Mrs P Lukeman. Clerk advised that he had received two resignations, both Mrs D Volkaerts and John Cowan.

945.00 To appoint a chairman and vice chair for the coming year.

945.01 The current chair confirmed that she was prepared to continue for another year. Cllr A M proposed Cllr L P-M as chair, seconded by Cllr J B, a vote indicated approval with one abstention.

945.02 Clerk advised last vice chair had been J C, no longer a Cllr. Cllr A M offered his services, Cllr L P-M proposed Cllr A M, seconded by Cllr J B, no other nominations, unanimous approval.

945.03 clerk obtained signature of both candidates on declaration of acceptance forms.

946.00 Declaration of interests: None.

947.00 To read and approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 12th April 2022.

947.01 Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record by those who were present at that meeting.

948.00 Public Participation Session. 15 minutes allowed.

948.01 clerk had no reports from last meeting as all items were for information only.

948.02 Member of public advised Highways had been and visited the parking problem at Sea View Terrace. She understood Highways advice was create a parking space at the rear of the properties or double yellow lines could become an enforcement tool.

948.03 Member of the public enquired if a “Lest we Forget” bench could be placed on the grass at the turning down by the river and the old pit road. The member of the public was looking to raise the £6/700 for the bench, wondering if the parish would pay for the base?

948.04 Clerk pointed out the land was not Parish land, it would require Cumbria County Council(Cumberland) approval of location.

949.00 Matters concerning District and County Councillors. None present.

Page 227 (1 of 5) chairman…………………………………………………………….14th June 2022


950.00 Applications for development. None for consideration.

951.00 Receive and approve the parish accounts for the financial year 2022/22. Internal auditors report, Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement for the year all to be resolved. Bank reconciliation and variance report. Draft documents distributed electronically before meeting date.

951.01 Certificate of Exemption, AGAR 2021/22 Part 2. This confirms that the parish has neither income nor expenditure exceeding £25k. Inspected by councillors and duly signed by clerk and chair

951.02 clerk had circulated the signed Annual Internal Audit Report. Internal audit had taken place 8/10/21 and 25/04/22. All boxes correctly ticked, and no issues or recommendations raised.

951.03 Annual Governance Statement. Clerk read out the content of the 9 boxes on the form and at each statement he ticked Yes box with Cllrs approval. Form then signed by chair and clerk.

951.04 Finally the accounting statement, which had been circulated was approved by councillors and duly receive signed by RFO and chair.

951.05 Clerk then read out the variance statement that was attached to the end of year bank reconciliation. It explains the variance if greater than 10%.

951.06 Cllr R S raised a few points. On the variance statement where were the boxes which were mentioned? Clerk advised they were all boxes on the circulated external auditor’s documentation, page 6 of 6. Cllr R S then asked if the bank account figure on the reconciliation sheet contained the Iggesund £5k grant money? Clerk advised that if Cllr R S had studied the income ledger that would show it was not included as transfer made in the current financial year not the one being considered for the audit documentation.

951.07 Cllr R S asked how clerk accounted for the average 5 hours extra per month as per variance for Box 4 and how did the clerk record his hours? Clerk explained that from the day he commenced employment in 2016 with the parish, he had an agreement to book hours worked. He maintained a monthly spreadsheet for his time worked. At the outset he was doing up to 50 hours per month. Last month he did 25 hours, he could drop as low as 17 hours. Cllr R S enquired what a clerk would be expected to work? A normal council, meeting on a monthly would anticipate a clerk doing 23 to 24 hours work according to Calc, at other councils where he is employed as clerk he has fixed hours monthly contract, but they meet less frequently. However one other monthly meeting council, he works for has a similar arrangement as this at O&A. Hours worked reflect the issues and projects a council undertakes.

951.08 Finally Cllr R S asked if the bank reconciliation account figure was the council’s reserve fund. Clerk stated no it accurately records all monies at the end of the financial year under consideration, which on this occasion included £10k of lottery funding and also £3k both for the Pond Green play area project.

951.09 Clerk concluded by confirming that he would make the appropriate returns to the external government auditor, placing necessary document required for the appropriate periods on the parish council website pages. Displaying in the noticeboards the appropriate details of how accounts could be inspected.


952.00 Parish Insurance renewal, Zurich Insurance.

952.01 Clerk advised that 5 years ago he had with the parish council’s agreement agreed a 5 year Long Term Agreement. This ceases 31st May 2022.

Page 228 (2 of 5) chairman…………………………………………………………….14th June 2022

952.02 Zurich Insurance had written advising of the ending of the current LTA, they offered 3 options, a new 5 year LTA at £587.38 per year, a 3 year option at £611.39 or just a standard 1 year renewal at £635.41. Last year’s premium had been £623.26.

952.03 Premium can change due to government changing insurance tax rate in a budget. Clerk advised that he used Zurich across all parish councils he was involved with, this is a specialised field and there are limited alternative companies and he found Zurich competitive with their quotations and recommended councillors agreed to the renewal proposed.

952.04 Cllrs resolved to renew with Zurich based on a 5 year term.

During the last item Cllr A Markley (ABC) had joined the meeting.

953.00 Pond Green Play Equipment funding update, grants received, outstanding applications awaiting decision. Confirmation of residents funding total and what outstanding events are being held. Agree to invite residents’ group to June parish council meeting to enable discussion of available funding figure and equipment possible to instal.

953.01 Clerk had put this on the agenda following the events of the last meeting and this project needs action as it has been a project first proposed in June 2018, with the council promising £3k towards the Pond Green play group at the July 2018 meeting and reaffirming that figure in a letter of Nov’ 2019 when the group were seeking funding from the Robin Rigg group. He explained the full history of the proposal and the possible injection of funds if the 25 property development below Meadow Bank was to come to fruition. That development had been agreed 2/2014/0690 and locals had anticipated that Pond Green would have benefited from the S106 agreement. As that had not happened local residents had approached the parish council in 2018. In March 2020 the development application, as no work commenced, was reapproved OUT/2019/0031, clerk on behalf of the parish council, being aware of the Pond Green play area group’s fund raising activities, agreed with Allerdale that if Pond Green was actually upgraded prior to the Meadow Bank development coming to fruition, then any financial commitment due to S106 in place could be carried forward for equipment at the large playing field opposite the school. All legally agreed in March 2020.

953.02 Clerk had contacted the person in charge of the Pond Green play group since the last meeting and could advise that as 6th May 2022 that group had raised £4511.29. Cllr R S had managed to raise a further £10k from the National Lottery, but due to the Pond Green group not having a proper constitution or bank account with recognised major bank, all Cllr R S’s fund raising has been done under the umbrella of the parish council. There had been a further £5k grant from Iggesund, so the raised total now stands at £22511.29p. Clerk pointed out that due the council’s financial position, that money could be committed now and the council could pay the VAT and then reclaim it back.

953.04 Clerk is aware that financial guidelines do not allow for protracted ring fencing of funds, this had been minuted in Oct’ 2020 minute 684.04. As Covid was no longer restricting activity clerk was bringing the issue to a priority position. This issue would have been raised with the Pond Green group, however as the parish council have raised substantial funding under its name, this was why it was now today’s agenda item.

953.05 Cllr R S advised that he currently had outstanding grant applications that could produce potentially an additional £25k, or nothing at all.

Page 229 (3 of 5) chairman…………………………………………………………….14th June 2022

953.06 Cllr T M (ABC) had been listening to the conversation and suggested that Cllr R S submitted his play area project to him and he would see what funding he could perhaps come up with. It may not be called a play area project, but could be worded in such a manner that it could be embraced by the “welcome Back” grant funding, or other grants for seating and fencing in the community. The technique was how to word the application. He could not promise any funding, but if he was sent the project quotes, he would see what could be achieved.

953.07 It was also agreed the Cllr R S would liaise with Cllr A W who as a teacher at the school would arrange for Cllr R S to visit the school and make an appropriate presentation of the possible equipment to the children via the school council. The children being the final beneficiaries of the play group.

953.08 Cllr R S confirmed that new equipment at Pond Green could entail the removal and repositioning of the existing goal post located near the existing equipment.

953.09 Cllr A M (ABC) concluded his contribution to the meeting by outlining the new Cumberland County Council position which would shadow the current CCC until April 2023 then take over. Fewer councillors which would cover Copeland, Allerdale and Carlisle which would lose their identity. He then left the meeting.

954.00 Fleet Meadow, picnic field rental update. 

954.01 Clerk confirmed that prior to the meeting he had met with local resident M Rooke and they had both signed another year’s rental agreement from May 2022 to April 2023 at the agreed cost of £200, which had been paid to the clerk in cash. Clerk reported that M Rooke was very impressed with the recent tree planting exercise and that he had further wild seed “bombs” to sow. Clerk will reduce his bank transfer for salary and expenses by £200 and that would save him having to bank the cash.

955.00 River Ellen bank erosion.

955.01 A local resident had supplied a batch of images of the latest River Ellen erosion and clerk had submitted them to a known contact in Highways for his observations. The report back was that a member of the team had visited the site and stated no immediate to the carriageway, so no action required. However, they would monitor the area, especially after flooding. Clerk had taken up the issue of the fencing which in the images was clearly falling into the river.

955.02 clerk read the email responseWe would typically install edge protection where we have constructed some form of retaining element where there is a risk of fall from height, such as a retaining wall or gabion wall. We would not generally provide boundary fencing at riverside locations unless there is an adjacent footpath.

956.00 Progress reports, clerk

956.01 reference minute 939.01 Fleet Meadow dealt with at 954.00.

956.02 further to minute 939.02 clerk not yet had opportunity had time to establish exact title deeds for Fleet Meadow. He had checked all the documentation handed over from former clerk without success.

956.03 River Ellen erosion 939.04 see 955.00 these minutes.

956.04 The asset register 939.06 amended as detailed by latest variance report and noted on revised asset register as NIL. All confirmed by consultation with ACTs.

957.05 still no traffic survey report as per 939.09. Cllr J B had been forwarded copies of all the last reports issued in 2017.

Page 230 (4 of 5) chairman…………………………………………………………….14th June 2022

957.06 Clerk had received notification of a child supposedly injured by treading on a piece of timber in Pond Green. He had visited the play area the following day, could find no foreign bodies in the play area, but found one piece of timber in the deep nettles on the bank by   the adjoining field. He had removed and circulated images of the wood. While in the play area he looked at the spacing of the recently re-laid matting under the toddler’s swing. The equipment’s uprights were governing the positioning of the longer side retaining timbers. Cllr R S advised he felt the gap is too large. RoSPA will do the play area inspection in August and clerk would act accordingly. The swings maybe replaced by new equipment if funding made it possible.

957.07 Highways E1/53505 the blocked drain opposite the school reported 7th March, advised on 13th April by Highways, their drain running freely blockage on drain in private land. Clerk to reinspect when next in Oughterside.

958.00 Councillors Reports.

958.01 Cllr A M enquired if parish council would be paying 50% of the hall’s insurance premium? He also advised that the building cover had raised to £500k and increased the premium by £180. Clerk asked if the new policy was now new for old, therefore the hall building would be, if destroyed in its entirety, replaced by a brick-based structure not a timber construction. Cllr A M to get details of the new insurance forwarded to the clerk.

958.02 Cllr R S in respect of the premium being paid by the parish council, said had not the clerk requested that the parish council see the latest accounts for the hall, before the decision was taken. Clerk confirmed he had audited the latest accounts the other week and the state of the hall’s finances were somewhat parlous. They had certainly received substantial government Covid grants, but had spent heavily on refurbishment work.

958.03 Cllr R S advised he was asking the Cumbria PCC how if there were no KSI (killed or seriously injured) statistics for a road, Highways, the CRASH committee and Police would not consider additional safety measures on roads? Proactive safety rather than reactive.

959.04 Chair confirmed there would be a late July INSIDE newsletter.

960.00 Correspondence.

960.01 Invoice received from Tivoli for May grass contract £485.53.

960.02 Clerk contacted by Allerby resident that grass not cut on the green, 20th April. It was cut the following day, delayed by staffing issues.

960.03 email received about a section of hedge by Meadow Bank having not been cut.     Cllr R S advised it had now been cut.

961.00 Payments for approval.

IntPay 197 M Milner, Total £309.70, Salary£274.60. Exp £35.10

IntPay 198 HMRC PAYE, £38.80

IntPay 199 Tivoli, £485.53, May grass cutting contract.

IntPay 200, Zurich Insurance, £587.38 renewal of annual parish council insurance.

May HSBC standing monthly bank account charge £5.00

All Payments approved

Meeting closed 8.20pm.

962.00 Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 7.00pm at Prospect village hall.

Page 231 (5 of 5) chairman…………………………………………………………….14th June 2022.